About Us

Who Are We

Turtle Isle Media is a boutique agency specializing in content production and strategy (audio, video, infographic, and written), website services from back end to building/designing/maintaining websites, SEO, and creating consistent communication on all social media platforms.


Our Mission

Help companies and organizations communicate through media.

Turtles are slow, methodical, wise, and live a long time.  We use the mantra of the turtle to help us form long term partnerships with smart and efficient content strategies to tell your story.

What We Do

We help you strategize on the best way to produce, distribute, and track content on all social media portals.

We make sure your website and digital ecosphere is efficiently functioning to grow your companies sales, retail, and cultural network.

Our History

Turtle Isle Media started when a filmmaker, a farmer/musician, and 2 computer engineers got bored at work.  The founders worked in many companies and through their professional careers noticed all companies have the same problem, communication.

We started building a couple case studies with brands like Evo Hemp, Pure Kind Botanicals, and other hemp brands who aren’t allowed to do paid advertising through social media channels.  Slowly, we realized the only solution in this “algorithm-censored” reality is constant communication through a variety of content.  Simply, the more you communicate with “culture deep” audio, video, infographics, and written content gives you the best chance to reach the largest audience with your story.

We help grow brand’s culture, customer base, and retail network by creating content and tracking its’ effectiveness to bring in more B2B and D2C clients and customers.

It became clear through the case studies, the more content you make and release the wider your audience grows of potential customers and retailers.  If you can make more audio, video, written, and infographic content than your competitors, your sales will grow and eventually your company or organization will be viewed as an industry thought leader in your space.

And that’s how Turtle Isle Media was born.


Why Your Brand Needs Culture?

You can’t fake it. Cultures have music, food, dance, arts, and community.  Most companies forget this because they’re too busy trying to sell products versus grow their culture.  Remember, the larger the culture grows, the better chance you have to make a sale.

Never forget.  Authenticity matters.  Where do you come from?  What have you done?  What’s the larger goal you’re trying to achieve.  What is your mission on this planet?  Can your product or service answer these questions?  If you can’t, you need more authenticity and culture.

Humans consume to live. It’s inevitable and that’s why we don’t care if you buy stuff.   We care about communicating to educate people to consume consciously on planet Earth.

If you don’t know about the world, how can you explore it.  If your consumers don’t know about your world, how can they explore it or even find it.

No matter where you are, communication is hard.  Most of the time running a business is spent on running the business and we know it’s hard to find time to create content to communicate your story daily.  We can help with that.